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Retail New and Used Cars

Here at Peebles, we can customize a new or used golf car or utility vehicle to match your every need, desire and price range. You can:

  • Choose from one of our pre-designed custom golf cars or
  • Allow us to create your car from our lot of recent fleet trade-in's.

Remember, when you deal with Peebles, you are not dealing with a middle man or a used car broker. Our cars come from our fleets that we put in new at our golf car fleet accounts. During the time the cars are at the course, Peebles provides weekly in-season service on these golf cars. Then, during each winter, we provide a full service winter maintenance on each car. Thus, our used golf cars come off the golf course at the end of a lease in excellent mechanical condition. No other used golf car vendor in southeast Virginia can make this claim.

Click Here to see current retail inventory.

Contact JR and let us build your dream car today!

Popular Options
Flip or Fixed Rear Seat
Cargo Box
Picture Coming Soon!
Lift Kit
Custom Colors Any color you desire. We can match color to any other color.
Some of Peebles Creations